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Q:  How long does it take to get set up?


A:  Our API integrates easily with your existing checkout process.  We can help with the integration, which should take no longer than two weeks but can be done as quickly as 2-3 days.








Q:  How much does it cost to get started?


A:  Nothing.  We don’t charge a setup fee and our tech team will work with yours to get you set up as quickly as possible with no additional cost to you.

Q:  Do you process payments for Visa and Mastercard?


A:  No, we are focused exclusively on helping merchants reach Chinese consumers and accept forms of payment that are popular in China.  If you need payment processing for Visa, Mastercard, and others we are happy to refer you to one of our merchant partner

Q:  Can you help with shipping to China?


A:  Yes, we have a large network of logistics providers that specialize in shipping goods to China.  However, before looking into shipping to China, we highly suggest just starting with taking the forms of payment popular in China.

Q:  Can you settle payments internationally?


A:  Yes.  We are licensed to process China UnionPay payments across 14 countries and 12 currencies.  This means while your customers are paying in Chinese RMB, you can take a payment in USD, Euros, and a number of other currencies as well.

Q:   What about chargebacks?


A:  Due to the nature of the business, China UnionPay has some of the lowest chargeback rates in the world.

Q:  Do I have to buy any hardware?


A:  No.  Our solution is focused on eCommerce and card-not-present transactions.  Our tech team can help you integrate our payment solution with your current shopping cart, minimizing changes so your current customers still enjoy a familiar experience.

Q;  How fast can I get my money?


A:  Typical settlement periods are T+4 with daily settlement as long as total value exceeds $1,000.

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